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A platform where India's best talents meet great opportunities

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Build a workforce of competent graduates, efficiently with the
India's leading recruiting software

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Source & Attract

Fill your pipeline quickly with one-click job postings to 2000+ colleges, AI-powered sourcing, referrals, and more.

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Evaluate & Train

Evaluate applicants, assign skill paths, track performance and decide who's best, all in one recruiting system.

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Automate & Hire

Move faster with the process and manual tasks automation, like scheduling interviews and getting approvals.

An Inclusive Way

With Incluzon, new opportunities are open to everyone, equally

Incluzon’s multi-lingual & adaptive industry-specific skilling app allows you to level the playing field and gives everyone – including those talented pools of students you might have missed – a truly fair shot, making new and diverse perspectives an integral part of your workforce.

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Bias-Free AI

See the applicants for who they truly are 

Incluzon’s AI is designed to see graduates for their potential and capabilities and not their brands on resumes. Incluzon has multiple safeties built in to ensure insights, skill validation, technical & cultural mapping, and recommendations are unhindered by systemic bias to ensure no one is being overlooked or underrepresented. The freshers' months-long hiring cycle can now be concluded in hours.

Incluzon is among the top start-ups in India and has received prestigious recognition from Government bodies


Revv Up, T-AIM


State Innovation Society

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We are in the News

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Let’s grow together

Explore our unified hiring solution. Post jobs, get candidates, assign desired skilling paths and manage applicants all in one place.

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